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My Story

The journey from my head to my heart was the most challenging yet rewarding journey of my life!

Have you ever wondered, “Is this all there is?” Have you ever questioned if you're living the life you're meant to? Maybe everything appears perfect from the outside, yet inside, you yearn for more, unsure of when you lost your joy and freedom.

For years, I thrived under pressure, or so I thought. My moments of joy were fueled by external factors. I was on a constant quest for the next adventure or accomplishment, to feel more alive, more successful. I lived my life according to others' expectations and societal demands.

As a practicing psychologist for over 20 years, I understood and applied various theories and strategies to human behavior. And yes, I used them on myself, gaining many benefits. For two decades, I tried different techniques, engaged in psychotherapy, and was seemingly functioning well.

However, the COVID pandemic marked the beginning of my dark night of the soul. I became trapped in a cycle of fear and anxiety, spending my days locked away in my home office. I started feeling lifeless and empty. I lost my light and sparkle. One day, I screamed out, “I am not living the life I want to be living” - a declaration that came from deep within and jolted me into action.

After experiencing numerous health issues, I reached out to a retreat center I had read about online. That decision marked the beginning of my transformation. I began working with a life coach and slowly transitioned from a life of overwork and neglect to a life filled with hope and joy.

The introduction to a spiritual life coach led me through a six-month transformational process. Fear and frustration gave way to hope, joy, groundedness, and a renewed enthusiasm for life. I discovered a sense of freedom I'd yearned for all my life. And what did I do? I left my day job to pursue my dream life!

The journey from my head to my heart has been the most challenging and rewarding journey of my life! Through a heart-based connection with  Source, I found my freedom and realized that The Juicy Life was within me all along. Now, I am passionate about sharing the steps that led me to reclaim my life with you! I've been called by  SPIRIT to assist others in their transformation to a life full of love, joy, vibrancy, and juiciness.

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Love your body, nourish your spirit - that's the Juicy Life way!

"Embrace your true self, ignite your inner spark, and live your Juicy Life"
- Dr. Juicy
Juicy Life Coach
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